True Colours

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A Joke Of Destiny, Lying In Wait Around The Corner Like A Bandit
Scherzo Del Destino In Agguato Dietro L’angolo Come Un Brigante Da Strada

  • Maestros

A damage to his car’s sophisticated and ultra-technological security system has trapped the Minister of Internal Affairs’ in. The accident happens right in front of the villa owned by the opposition party’s member De Andreis, who immediately offers his help, hoping to get something in return. But receiving help from a political enemy could be seen as a scandal, so everything necessary to get the Minister out needs to be done in secret…

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  • Comedy

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Directed By

Lina Wertmüller


Ugo Tognazzi
Piera Degli Esposti
Renzo Montagnani
Valeria Golino

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