True Colours

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They Call Me Trinity
Lo Chiamavano Trinità

  • Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Collection

The gunfighter Trinità arrives in town and finds out that his rascal brother, Bambino, has incredibly become the sheriff in charge. Soon Bambino reveals to his brother that he has killed the real sheriff and stolen his star to stay safely hidden. While waiting for his companions to run away to California, Bambino sets up a plan against the rich local baron, Harriman, who is trying to get rid of the Mormon settlers in a valley he wishes to own. Bambino’s attempts to involve Trinità fail, but, since he falls in love with a Mormon girl, he finally decides to protect the Mormon community from Harriman.

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  • Comedy
  • Western

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Directed By

E.B. Clucher


Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
Gisela Hahn
Steffen Zacharias
Dan Sturkie
Elena Pedemonte

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