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You Can’t Kiss The Bride
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A young fashion blogger and an aspiring songwriter seem to have not that much in common, but when Cupid’s arrow hits them, every difference fades away and overnight they decide to get married. Even their fathers do not have anything in common: Gaetano is a strict mayor from Southern Italy, while Diego is a rich entrepreneur from the North. Between the two forthcoming in-laws, instead, is hate at first sight. They seem to agree on one single goal: prevent this marriage at any cost! After fighting by any means in a struggle that will also involve their two bizarre families, will they manage to stop the wedding?

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Running time



Italy - UK



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Directed By

Francesco Miccichè


Vincenzo Salemme
Diego Abatantuono
Dino Abbrescia
Rosita Celentano
Valeria Bilello
Lorenzo Zurzolo

Production co.

A co-production between Italy and UK
Camaelo with Prisma Productions and
Event Management with Green Film
Stemo and Rhino Production


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