True Colours

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It’s night and Sandra is driving in the middle of the desert, trying to reach her husband with the safest SUV ever conceived: the MONOLITH. She is trying to get to Los Angeles to reach her husband, jealousy is killing her and she wants to find out whether he’s cheating on her or not. Seated beside her and tied to his seat there is David, her 2-year-old- son, who’s playing with her cellphone.
Distracted by the baby, Sandra runs over a deer. She has to stop and get off the car to check the damage she has made. While out, David by mistake pushes the remote control of the car from the cellphone screen and MONOLITH locks down, leaving her outside and trapping him in. There is no way to open the car from the outside, the security system is too perfect to be forced. The night in the desert is dangerous and the day is so hot that the car is turning into an oven. Sandra doesn’t have much time to save her son and she can only count on her own forces.

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