True Colours

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I Don’t Kiss
J'embrasse Pas

  • Maestros

Twenty year-old Pierre leaves his native town in Southern France to discover Paris and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an actor. Idealistic and naïve, he hopes to break away from his restrictive provincial life but, as inexperienced as he is, Pierre drops into the harsh reality of Paris in the nineties. Soon he gives up his acting ambitions, falls for a prostitute, then loses the only yet humiliating job he could find and ends up broke and with nowhere to go. Téchiné reveals a grim and melancholic portrait of a young man, his loss of innocence and his failure in searching the meaning in his life.

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  • Drama

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Directed By

André Téchiné


Philippe Noiret
Emmanuelle Beart
Manuel Blanc

Production co.

Bac Films

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