Produced by

Rai Cinema
Notorious Pictures
in collaboration with
Gekon Productions

Directed by

Matteo Botrugno
Daniele Coluccini


Vinicio Marchioni
Anna Foglietta
Maurizio Tesei
Giulia Bevilacqua
Vincenzo Salemme
Daniele Parisi
Michele Botrugno
Alessandra Costanzo
Lucianna De Falco
Carmen Giardina
Fabio Gomiero
Flokja Kodheli
Nuccio Siano

The lives of the tenants of a lower-class apartment building in the outskirts intersect on a backdrop of crime, drug dealing, confused feelings and tainted relationships, in a lucid portrait of contemporary Rome.
Marcello, a bisexual former body builder married with Chiara, has an affair with the bourgeois professor Walter; the ambitious Mauro and cold-blooded dealer and his wife Simona get involved in the ambiguous business of the local boss Carmine to move up to the elegant and cruel circles of central Rome that profit from the public funds for the disadvantaged; Valeria and her son Attilio, Flaminia and her violent husband Bruno face the daily difficulties of their troubled lives.
The corrupted powers of urban speculation invade a suspended corner of the suburbs, contaminating the lives of a group of lost souls,revealing the desperate world of the slum and the pitiless scene of the city center as the hidden face of the same coin.

Trailer: TAINTED SOULS from True Colours on Vimeo.