Directed by

Dino Risi


Vittorio Gassman
Alessandro Momo
Agostina Belli

Festivals & Awards

48th Academy Awards
Nomination Best Foreign Film

Cannes 1975
Best Actor

David di Donatello
Best Actor and Best Director

Silver Ribbon
Best Actor

Fausto, a blind Italian army captain, travels from Turin to Naples with a young soldier assigned to help him out, apparently to meet with an old comrade. Despite his blindness, Fausto is full of “joie de vivre” and is able to “see” everything, in particular he can spot beautiful women. He claims he can “smell” them. His attitude is, by the way, just a façade. Fausto always carries with him a picture of a young girl, a woman who he would hate to be seen disfigured and helpless by.