Produced by

SKY Cinema

Directed by

Eugenio Cappuccio
Roan Johnson


Filippo Timi
Carlo Monni
Massimo Paganelli
Atos Davini
Marcello Marziali
Lucia Mascino
Enrica Guidi

In the idyllic town of Pineta, on the beautiful Tuscan coast, among the regular customers of BarLume coffee shop, there is a group of elderlies in their 70s who can’t help but gossiping about the other villagers.
But the four, beside a passion for chats, cards and drinks, also have a peculiar eye for discovering murders and of course, putting themselves in a lot of troubles.
The old men’s guesswork annoys the investigations of Detective Vittoria Fusco, the police officer in charge in town, who forces Massimo Viviani, BarLume’s owner to help solving the cases. Even if, because of his complicated love life, he would rather like not be involved.

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