Produced by

Indigo Film
with Rai Cinema

Directed by

Gabriele Salvatores


Ludovico Girardello
Ksenia Rappoport
Galatea Bellugi
Ivan Franek
Noa Zatta
and Valeria Golino

After discovering one is “special”, it’s not easy to return to normal life. Michele Silenzi is sixteen and, like many boys of his age, lives an adolescence far from peaceful: the girl of his dreams loves another boy and his relationship with adults is increasingly difficult. Michele always finds himself more alone, unhappy and even a little angry with the world. All this until a mysterious girl named Natasha and his biological mother, Yelena, irrupt in his life. The two women will completely overwhelm his existence, calling him to a new adventure, from which he will not be able to escape.