True Colours

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Season Of The Senses
La Stagione Dei Sensi

  • Soft Erotics & Sexy Comedies

The summer is just turning to an end when a group of six young friends (four girls and two boys) decide to go for a boat trip. They run out of gasoline during the night and take shelter in an old castle located on a lonely island. In the manor there lives Luca, a skittish man, who avoids the group. Once they’ve found some gasoline, the boys leave the island while the girls, charmed by Luca, decide to stay in the manor. There they begin a sort of challenge in order to seduce him… but Luca hides a dangerous secret…

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  • Erotic

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Directed By

Massimo Franciosa


Udo Kier
Laura Belli
Edda Di Benedetto
Eva Thulin

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